How I became a back care specialist.

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How I became a back care specialist.

People may wonder, “How is it Lillah, that you became a back care specialist? And what makes you an expert in your field?”

My study of yoga as a healing art begin in 1976 in Boston Massachusetts, which led me ultimately to the Iyengar method. Why yoga? because yoga connects the mind to the body and the body to our heart and soul. I believe we all seek connection, and through connection we find ease, contentment and peace. As my life was in need of all of those elements, yoga was the perfect endeavor. Not only did I need the mind-body element of yoga, but I needed physical balancing as well. At the age of 16 I fell off a horse and broke my tailbone. That injury set me up for years of hip, sacral, low back, and neck pain. The study of Iyengar yoga became my laboratory to study action – reaction, alignment and relationship. I discovered the importance of alignment as an indispensable aid for the rebalancing and healing of my body.

On my journey I also spent time researching the back care programs that were available, and integrated their offerings and wisdom into my personal and yoga teaching practices. Along with my Iyengar yoga certification, I became certified by the National Safety Council as a Back Power Trainer. Years of study, experimentation, and guidance from a few good teachers, gave me the tools I needed to be effective in helping myself, my family, and my students find relief from their back pain.

The back care yoga classes I offered beginning in 1987 attracted many students with a variety of back conditions to my classes. These students also became my teachers as we pursued the physical balance that would offer pain relief, and the awareness to sustain it. One of the more important relationships I discovered during that time was the need to get our minds connected to and listening to our bodies. Becoming friends, if you will, with our inner self and learning to recognize the language of sensation, held the keys to understanding our pain and our freedom from it.

Healing Our Backs with YogaTM is the culmination of my years of experience simplifying the application of yoga to be the most helpful to the most people.

I trust you you will find the information, guidance, and sequencing of poses at the workshop August 21-23, 2015 useful on your journey into healing.

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