Honoring The Fall Equinox as a Yogini

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Honoring The Fall Equinox as a Yogini

A time of transition and reflection.

For more than 20 years I have honored the passing of the seasons with ritual. For these three days we are once again at a time of transition and reflection. An opportunity to let go of the past, honor the blessings of the present, and set our intentions for the future.  It seems to me no mistake that the the Jewish tradition of Yom Kippur occurs around this time, the day of atonement. This is a time where those who need forgiveness receive it and those we must forgive are again considered and with the help of grace, past events set to rest. This time of transition is honored by many; native peoples, pagans and spiritualists around the world – a wonderful read for those interested.

What is the benefit of such rituals?

The purpose of ritual, by my understanding is to give meaning, shape, and form to our lives. In this season it is the time of letting go of the light and welcoming the darkness. “Welcome the darkness?” You say. Well, yes. The way to do that is to clear the heart of distress and letting go of the things that no longer serve us. Angers, resentments, thoughts of others we may have dishonored in some way, could all make a nest in the arbor of our heart if we let them. Such disturbing thoughts in the dark of the year often become dragons or depressions.

You have an invitation…

To expand your concept of what it means to have a yoga practice off your mat. In the next three days, I invite you to clear your heart by writing the letters you need to write.

1 Claim the voice of your heart, stand up for yourself – take the risk and let it go, forgive those you can forgive, and ask for prayers of compassion for those involved in the things that cannot be forgiven.

2 Count your blessings, appreciate the ways you are nourished and supported in this moment. Say thank you.

3 Make a focus wheel, or medicine shield. Take some time to set your intentions for the next season and place them in the circle. Set your goals and be compassionate to yourself.

Let go, forgive, accept, and move forward into the darkening days with a clear and radiant heart.

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Now if you will excuse me… I have some letters to write.

May our lives be blessed.
May yoga guide us to clarity and wisdom.
May we love others as we would be loved.
Namaste,  Lillah

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