Healing Our Backs with Yoga in Florida Soon!

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Healing Our Backs with Yoga in Florida Soon!

Back Care Yoga in Florida

Coming up soon! I will be taking my Healing Our Backs with Yoga class and presentation to Native Yoga Center in Juno Beach, Florida. Join me February 3 and 4.

If you have been wishing you could study with me in Asheville but you are near Juno Beach, you want to sign up for this two session workshop at Native Yoga Center.

On Friday evening from 6pm to 9 pm, I will present a lecture exploring the causes of back pain, the elements that hold it in place, and how a yogic approach to self-applied back care is beneficial. This presentation includes:

• ways to understand pain – both positive and negative
• what does it mean to have a strong core
• the importance of pose alignment for pain relief
• specific yogic breathing techniques for healing

Saturday 12 pm-3 pm will be an asana class learning how to create length and space in the spine, safely increase range of motion, and gradually build strength and stability. Poses include: hip opening, how and when to use weight bearing and non-weight bearing yoga poses, a study of posture, and methods for choosing poses to customize your personal practice for ongoing pain relief.

Each session is available on its own for $60 or you can attend both for $110 and this includes a copy of my book, Healing Our Backs with Yoga: An Essential Guide to Back Pain Relief.  You can register for either session or both sessions here.

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