Freedom from Back Pain – Yoga DVD

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Freedom from Back Pain – Yoga DVD



Here is a clip from the Freedom from Back Pain, DVD This pose is called the Traction Twist. It is a great relaxing stretch for the lower back. For more yoga poses designed specifically for back pain, check out Lillah’s DVD, Freedom from Back Pain.




“I wish I had started sooner. Most of the plumbers I know have bad backs. They are all envious of me now that I have no pain, and I’m even more flexible than the young guys!” – C.L. Seastrunk, age 65


Back Pain DVD CoverLillah Schwartz demonstrates a reliable step-by-step daily routine paving the way to a stronger, healthier back. These time tested yoga poses are safe and effective and are presented progressively, allowing the viewer to gradually increase flexibility and strength.

Price: $19.95 plus $3.95 S/H.

Includes: 42 minutes of instruction 22 minutes of guided practice PLUS a convenient travel pamphlet with additional information included with each DVD.

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  1. How Yoga serves for back pain relief. - […] may view clips from the DVD’s here - Yoga: Freedom from Back Pain, and Yoga: Relief from Neck and Shoulder…

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