Develop Your Yoga Teaching Beyond Flow

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Develop Your Yoga Teaching Beyond Flow

Why do I say my Transformation Yoga Teacher Training will help you “deep and beyond flow”? Primarily because stillness is the balance to movement. We all know that movement heels by improving circulation, inviting our breath to expand, and relieving stiffness. Yet excessive movement in the wrong patterns can be detrimental to our well-being, just like sitting at a desk all day in one position can be detrimental. I invite you to watch my video, Why yoga with Lillah?

Learning the anatomical alignment of poses will optimize the safety of the physical body working to harmonize us in both movement and stillness. To have access to stillness as the counterpoint to movement means that we have access to the depths of our own being.

When we move our bodies as we would in Astanga or flow yoga classes, we shake off the stresses of the day and ground our minds by connecting to our breath. At the end of the class we drop into corpse pose sometimes out of sheer fatigue from the challenges of the sequence. In contrast, when we learn to hold poses in proper alignment we are learning to focus our minds and exercise discernment. How much stretch is enough? Am I holding my joints and body in stability and ease? What am I learning about how my mind works by doing so? Am I being aggressive, judgmental, fearful, distracted? The yoga Sutra of Patanjali affirms this quest toward better understanding of ourselves through the yoga practices.

In my Transformation Yoga Teacher Trainings one can study as a Lifestyle participant, a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance candidate, or to expand and acquire a 300/500 Hour YA Advanced Teaching Certificate. my preferred style has elements of both movement and stillness in order to gain the healing benefits of dynamic muscular action, and the spiritual adeptness that comes from following the mind into stillness, and making choices based on our inner experience and guidance.

Perhaps you will join me to deepen your teaching and practice skills at my next teacher training weekend May 27-29 in Asheville North Carolina. The training begins Friday at 2:00 pm, ending Sunday at 2:00 pm.

“Lillah Schwartz is compassionate, clear and direct. She has helped me gain a deep understanding of the practice of yoga.” James Reed

Last chance to take advantage of my No Commitment Special Offer – $375 for your first weekend.

“The journey of yoga never ends. The deeper your practice the brighter the flame.” BKS Iyengar

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