Become a Great Yoga Teacher

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Become a Great Yoga Teacher

Becoming a good Yoga Teacher begins with our personal practice. While on our yoga mats, we want to build internal awareness and learn to clear the channels, also known as Nadis. Using alignment and subtle action, we can create an experience of inner space and stability. Many teachers and students move through their yoga practice as if the outer expression of the pose were more important than the inner expression of the pose. This misplaced focus often results in a lack of stability and a loss of connection with the subtle energies.

Through my experience and training in the Iyengar Method, I have come to appreciate the depth of refinement that is possible through moving in a way that fully embodies our essence: that which brings our minds fully into our bodies, uncovering our thought patterns, inner wisdom, and healing potential.

Experience Lillah

Lillah and her Students

As aspiring practitioners and teachers, I will help you learn the optimal alignment in each pose, based on anatomy, physiology and pranic flow. This alignment creates stability and opens the door to the subtle actions of the skin and breath that lead us to understanding and liberation. Join myself and a select few of my pupils who are now instructors themselves to enter the wondrous mystery of your own journey into yoga and become a light unto others as a Yoga Teacher. Cultivate with us your knowledge, awareness, heart of compassion, self-acceptance, and our abilities to uplift another.

My Transformation Teacher Training series for 2016 begins April 22nd, and there are opportunities for both personal enrichment via my Life Transformation Training or my RYT 200/300/500 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification programs, as well as continuing education for practicing instructors.

To the Journey of True Yoga! Namaste,


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