Are You My Ideal Advanced Teacher Training Student?

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Are You My Ideal Advanced Teacher Training Student?

“The teacher is the one who gets the most out of the lessons, and the true teacher is the learner.”
~Edward Hubbard, American Writer

To become a really good teacher takes time in study and practice with equal amounts of self-questioning and self-affirmation. As we move toward the new yoga teacher training year beginning April 22nd, I am curious to meet those of you who hear the call to become really excellent yoga teachers. If you’re wondering if this training is for you, please ask yourself these questions.

• If you are willing to think outside your own box and realize that there is more to know about yoga and how to apply yoga for the sake of your student’s good health and longevity as well as your own, you are the student I am looking for.

• If you are willing to embrace the many aspects of life in the physical body and to deepen understanding as to the many ways yoga can address the healing journey, you are the student I am looking for.

• If you are willing to learn and grow– and know you can make a difference in other people’s lives– desiring to serve with more clarity, you are the student I am looking for.

• If you are called by your sense of compassion to develop your skills to serve the well-being of those in your community, you are the student I am looking for.

Please join me for an authentic journey through yoga is a healing art, develop your clarity of vision, gain new skills, and strengthen your community.



What students have said:

“The impact of this past weekend were most obvious when I got on my mat, both for personal practice and for teaching.  This weekend seemed to move me into a new level of body awareness and confidence in my ability to move into the poses with more ease and stability.”

~Janet F.

“Things are clicking!! It’s very exciting to realize that my spine has changed. And that I can sometimes look at a person and see things that I absolutely could not see when I started the training.”

~Krista E.

“What a weekend! I have taken my senses in from my skin to pay more attention to my organs in my practice. Excitement has filled me to start working with yoga as it relates to the organs of our bodies.”

~Noelle A.

“I had previously been taught that fingers should always be splayed as it increases the effort of the pose. However Lillah had me assume Vira II with fingers together and then fingers apart. Fingers apart brought tension to the upper shoulders/neck area and that is something that I had not noticed before. It’s true that you have to practice and learn from your own body so that you can teach others.”

~Nia L.

More information and registration at

Interested? Come to the first weekend (beginning April 22nd) for only $375 to experience Life Transformation Teacher Training with no commitment and find out for yourself the benefits of study with a master instructor!

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