30-Day Yoga Challenge from the Chopra Center

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30-Day Yoga Challenge from the Chopra Center

Great way to center yourself this Fall

Lillah Schwartz –  My students often ask me what they should practice at home.  Now at the 1st of October, during a stressful election season, I am offering a guest blog by Michelle Fondin designed for the Chopra Center. I hope you will enjoy the simple day-to-day practice suggestions she offers. And I hope they will help you stay focused and clear this season. I found them to be refreshing and inclusive of the whole of yoga.

Here are the first 5 days and a link to appropriate site for the rest of her program.

30 Day Yoga Challenge

Yoga is a lifestyle, and there are many different ways you can incorporate yoga into your daily life. Try this 30-day yoga challenge and get a month’s worth of transformational practices and ideas. You can add to your practice from the previous day or do one each day.

Day 1

Get out your yoga mat and do three sets of Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar). Count in pairs, starting with the right foot back first and then the left foot. You’ll be doing a total of six. (Third limb of yoga: asana)

Day 2

For five minutes, practice the three-part breath, Dirgha, and the Ujjayi breath. (Fourth limb of yoga: pranayama)

Day 3

Practice ahimsa or non-violence. Be non-violent in thought and deed. Everything about your being is to emulate non-harming, not even to a bug. Try not to hold onto any thoughts of anger, revenge, or lack of forgiveness. (First limb of yoga: yamas)

Day 4

Work on three balance postures: tree pose (Vrikshasana), standing bow or dancer’s pose (Dandayamana Dhanurasana), and eagle’s pose (Garudasana). Make sure you practice on both legs and not just the one that’s easy. (Third limb of yoga: asana)

Day 5

Practice satya, truthfulness. Go throughout your day in truth or stay silent. Pay attention to when you’re tempted to tell a lie, even a small one. (First limb of yoga: yamas)

Link to the full 30 -days.

Many Blessings! And may the Divine Light prevail! Namaste – Lillah

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