"All Life is Yoga"

-- Sri Aurobindo

Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain

Healing our Backs with Yoga: an essential guide to back pain relief


In her new book Healing Our Backs with YogaTM, therapeutic yoga expert Lillah Schwartz clearly explains movement principles, basic anatomy, breath awareness, and the central elements of alignment-based yoga to help you uncover your own healing potential and move toward back pain relief.

Step-by-step instructions with 285 color photos, explanations, hints, and cautions take the guesswork out of yoga so you can perform simple and powerful poses aimed at healing your back. Discover the best yoga poses for lower back pain, and improve your overall strength, flexibility, and back health.

Whether you are seasoned yoga teacher or a first time yoga practitioner, Healing Our Backs With YogaTM has something for everybody. Learn the most effective yoga poses in 27 time -tested sequences to unlock the natural healing capabilities of the body.

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Why Yoga?

For beginners, yoga students and teachers

Learning yoga in Asheville, NC with Lillah offers tools and wisdom grounded in 30yrs of study with B.K.S. Iyengar and his lineage. “She then took her skills and knowledge and created her own synthesis of yoga practice, focused on alignment and personal transformation.” These teachings are designed to transform physical pain, unlock personal potential, and offer centeredness, strength and support to weather the many challenges of modern life.

Teacher Training

What Makes a Great Yoga Teacher?

To develop your calling as a yoga teacher, you need the right mentor. For three decades, Yoga Master Lillah has trained hundreds of people like you to connect with their hearts,  inner wisdom and their potential to become great teachers. Now it’s your turn. Begin your journey to mastery. Learn to integrate alignment, physiology, bio-mechanics and action principles. Study the philosophy and spirit of yoga, intermediate sequencing, the language of teaching and more.  Go beyond flow to deepen your practice and skillfully and safely impart your yoga wisdom to others.

Co-sponsored and hosted by One Center Yoga in Asheville, NC Lillah will be joined by other talented teachers including Cindy Dollar, Letitia Walker, Mili Perez and others…

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