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Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain

Healing our Backs with Yoga: an essential guide to back pain relief

Author Lillah Schwartz

Dr Dilip Sarkar MD, FACS, CAP, Retired Surgeon, President of IAYT

…This is a masterpiece book that should be an essential resource for yoga therapists, health care professionals, yoga practitioners and instructors, and all individuals with back issues, who will find themselves coming back to the text time and time again for deeper study and practice.

Discover the best yoga poses for lower back pain and improve your overall strength, flexibility, and back health. Therapeutic yoga expert Lillah Schwartz clearly explains movement principles, basic anatomy, breath awareness, and the central elements of alignment-based yoga to help unlock the natural healing potential of the body and achieve back pain relief.

Offering step-by-step instructions with 285 color photos, explanations, hints, and cautions, author Lillah Schwartz takes the guesswork out of yoga so you can perform simple and powerful poses aimed at healing your back. Whether you are seasoned yoga teacher or a first time yoga practitioner, Healing Our Backs With YogaTM has something for everybody. Learn the most effective yoga poses in 22 time -tested sequences to unlock the natural healing capabilities of the body.

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For beginners, yoga students and teachers

Learning yoga in Asheville, NC with Lillah offers tools and wisdom grounded in 30yrs of study with B.K.S. Iyengar and his lineage. She then took her skills and knowledge and created her own synthesis of yoga practice, focused on alignment and personal transformation. “My deep, foundational approach to yoga has helped hundreds of people achieve more balance in their lives. I train you in the best ways to care for your body and its unique strengths and weaknesses, often bringing lasting freedom from pain.”

Lillah pioneered yoga in Asheville, founding Lighten Up Yoga Center, 1981-2013. She now teachers at The Embodiment Center. Visit her class and events calendar.

Private Instruction

Private Yoga Lessons with Lillah

offers world-class guidance, helping you build your body as a living temple of yoga. Inspiring her students to find the relief they seek from physical aches and pains, Lillah will custom-design a yoga program just for you. (IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist)

Lillah’s private therapeutic yoga classes are for anyone who has a particular physical or physiological challenge that needs special attention. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned practitioner, Lillah is here to support you in discovering the best yogic practices to meet your personal goals.

You will find Lillah’s insight to be a vital contribution to the deepening of your yoga journey. She empowers her students to find and learn to respond to their inner guidance, fulfilling the timeless journey of yoga.

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