"Life Happens. That's Why There's Yoga."

-- Lillah Schwartz

Why Yoga?

For beginners, yoga students and teachers

Learning yoga in Asheville, NC with Lillah offers tools and wisdom grounded in 30yrs of study with B.K.S. Iyengar and his lineage. “She then took her skills and knowledge and created her own synthesis of yoga practice, focused on alignment and personal transformation.” These teachings are designed to transform physical pain, unlock personal potential, and offer centeredness, strength and support to weather the many challenges of modern life.

Teacher Training

What Makes a Great Yoga Teacher?

To develop your calling as a yoga teacher, you need the right mentor. For three decades, Lillah has trained hundreds of people like you to connect with their hearts and their potential. Now it’s your turn to begin your journey to mastery. Study yoga alignment and action principles, the philosophy and spirit of yoga, anatomy, physiology, sequencing, the language of teaching and more.  Learn from Lillah to deepen your practice and skillfully and safely impart your yoga wisdom to others.

Transformational Products

Tools to support your Journey

With your yoga practice, lifestyle, and well-being in mind, Lillah and her team have selected a variety of products to support you on your journey.

You will find Lillah’s practice books, signature Three Minute Eggs, an exquisitely hand crafted silver pendant, other recommended yoga books, and supplements for your discovery.

The  silver pendant was a symbol inspired by “The Mother” and the